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Conditional Formatting for Excel

Analyze quick and easily your spreadsheet data with "n" conditional formatting levels of this powerful addin
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27 June 2009

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We usually perform conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel to highlight specific fields in certain color which satisfies our criteria. But there are limitations in Excel that it supports only three conditional levels. Conditional Formatting for Excel will allow you to format all the cells and ranges as per your requirement.

Features: Conditional formatting for Excel utility helps to perform mathematical actions with the selected cells from every sheet.

Using this utility you can perform many activities on your excel. You get many nice tools with this utility. It also supports excellent feature like multiple conditional analysis & formatting cells in a database. You can search all cells in a specific range with a particular background color and to perform mathematical operation with the results. It make searching in a data range both simple and efficient. Conditional Text tool is suitable to format cells in a range/database based on a criterion previously specified in the decision table. It allows you to perform summation and count data regarding to conditions specified in a criteria table. Export sheet option allows you to export all or selected sheets. You can choose whether you would like to export sheets with formula or values. Set whether to export as new workbook or export to existing workbook etc.

Overall: This is a nice add-in tool and is very useful for data analysis.

Publisher's description

Allows you to format all the cells and ranges you may need, by using "n" conditional levels. This means that you can use all the levels you want. In order to ease the analysis of specific data in your spreadsheet, you might give it a special format (for example: highlighting it), using one of the most useful tool that Microsoft Excel has, "Conditional Formatting", but the bad thing is that it just supports until 3 conditional levels. Well, Jabsoft, thinking of this lack, has created: Excel Conditional Formatting, an excellent addin, which allows you formatting all the cells and ranges that you need, using "n" conditions (in other words, all of conditions you desire) This is essentially useful for who work with large quantities of info and/or dynamic data; like for example: stock quotes reports. Imagine, you are working with Jabsoft's product: Stock Quotes for Excel and Conditional Formatting for Excel. You might to know quickly, the Last quotes in your spreadsheets configuring the Stock Quotes addin updates the information every 30 minutes, and Conditional Formatting for Excel will paint with determinate color, all of the Last quotes. Conditional Formatting for Excel is a part of Model Assistant Suite, wherefore, if you purchase this product you will obtain a special discounting for the rest of components.
Conditional Formatting for Excel
Conditional Formatting for Excel
Version 2.0
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